Projects of hearts

Local Helpers – WA Group supports the voluntary fire brigade Neckartailfingen

…because in case of an emergency every minute counts, the Wandel Packaging Group supports the project „Local Helpers“ of the voluntary fire brigade Neckartaifingen. 

The system “Local Helpers” is a voluntary and honorary service. To get through the time until the rescue service or emergency doctor arrives additional “Local Helpers” are being called. Through the rapid action precious time is saved and live-saving measures can be initiated immediately. 

The voluntary fire brigade currently needs the donation for an emergency vehicle to more effectively organise this kind of help. Due to our donation we are happy to make a contribution that soon live-saving help for each one of us can be guaranteed. 

Luggage tag for the Theodor Eisenlohr School in Nürtingen

Over the next 5 years, we support the Theodor-Eisenlohr-School in Nürtingen with a luggage tag.

The Theodor-Eisenlohr-School in Nürtingen teaches and looks after pupils with special educational needs. The personality of the individual pupil is the centre of attention and they can develop their skills individually in a protected environment.

We are represented on the luggage tag with an advertisement space together with several other companies in this area. We have chosen a sail as a special placement.

We are happy to support the Thedor-Eisenlohr-School and thereby to enable outside school activities by the luggage tag.

Sponsoring of materials 20 SK2 – Theater project „20 litre O“

At the beginning of 2017, we supported Marius Alsleben, a student who is specialised in theater based on puppetry and animation at the HMDK (State university for music and performing arts) in Stuttgart, with a sponsoring of canisters of the type 20 SK2. In the course of the year the play „20 litre 0“ was born. A play which ranges between puppetry and animation and sound journey. A performance was created where two players try to fill canisters through sound and play, breathing life into the canisters and to form a community only through the imagination of the audience.

The play was first performed in summer at the university in Stuttgart. Further performances are in spring 2018.

Pic: Léa Duchmann
Pic: Florian Feisel

Inline speed skating track in Großbettlingen

In Großbettlingen the first inline speed skating track in Wuerttemberg is being built. For 3 years now the TSuGV Großbettlingen is planning its own inline speed skating track but unfortunately it is currently only a minority sport in Germany. However, Großbettlingen is a stronghold for this sport. Luckily, the club has amongst others with Larissa Gaiser the present double junior Europe champion on the long distance in its team. Inline speed skating is comparable with inline skating but the skaters have bigger wheels and are much faster. They can reach a top speed of up to 60 km/h on the track. In order to ensure that the skaters of the TSuGV Großbettlingen can continue their sport successfully in the future the club has now realised its biggest dream. Namely, the construction of its own inline speed skating track on the sporting area of the TSuGV Großbettlingen. The construction is mostly carried out by the club and is progressing rapidly. At the beginning of May 2017, the skaters are planning to circle over the oval already. 
The Wandel packaging Group supports this exceptional construction. The TSuGV Großbettlingen is glad about the partnership and expresses sincere thanks to the generous donation. (Author: Andreas Ratzke, head of department)

Update May 2019

We are also supporting the “Lesepaten – für junge Leser” project this year, now for the fourth year in a row. The aim of this project is not only to promote reading skills, but also to provide a basis for discussion in the classroom.

Reading partners – for young readers

Since May 2016 the Plastikpack GmbH is reading partner for one year for the municipal Realschule Steinheim in NRW. The project reading partners enables pupils to read the daily newspaper. In the newspaper they can obtain information about current topics and the knowledge acquired can be used in class later. Therefore, pupils with different family backgrounds can obtain the same potential. The project strengthens and supports the pupils political and economic knowledge.